During September and October Susan and I embarked on a tour of several midwestern and western states, driving in our 2000 Toyota Siena van(215,000 miles before our trip)a total of 7,279 miles through 13 states. We were gone 33 days and spent the night in 21 different places. When we got home it dawned on us that we had been together virtually 24/7 for the entire trip with no major disagreements and without growing tired of each other. I think our marriage of 41 years will last.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Friday September 23 Grand Lake CO

One of our Big Chill friends, Denise Dickens, is a clothing designer who markets her designs at various trade and craft shows from NY to FL. Her company is Outside DesignWorks.

Denise was developing a portfolio presentation to submit for juried shows, so she recruited the ladies of the Chill to be her models.  The morning was spent with the ladies sporting various coats, blouses, vests, and hats.  Denise had planned the photo shoot in advance and contracted with a noted Denver fashion photographer named T’eece to take the photos for her.  The guys helped Denise rearrange the furniture in one of the bedrooms to use as a “studio,” and then we awaited T’eece's arrival.  We were all taken aback by his manner and appearance. 

Rather than describe him, I’ll just post this photo and let you see for yourself.  Needless to say, he was quite a character.

And here’s one shot of 5 of the ladies wearing Denise’s creations.


After the fashion parade we took off for the Continental Divide (another $15 saved) followed by lunch and hiking around nearby Lake Irene.

Group shot at the Continental Divide.
group at continental divide

Lake Irene

View from the trail

After the hike we returned home for shopping, napping, and just visiting.  Friday night we enjoyed a catered BBQ pork dinner followed by a concert by local singer Peggy Mann.  We stayed up quite late (for us) admiring the night sky—clear, dark, and full of stars.

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