During September and October Susan and I embarked on a tour of several midwestern and western states, driving in our 2000 Toyota Siena van(215,000 miles before our trip)a total of 7,279 miles through 13 states. We were gone 33 days and spent the night in 21 different places. When we got home it dawned on us that we had been together virtually 24/7 for the entire trip with no major disagreements and without growing tired of each other. I think our marriage of 41 years will last.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Thursday September 22: Grand Lake CO

A few of the ladies got up early to kayak on Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake—you can see how early it was since the fog had not yet lifted.  Here’s Susan moving away from the dock and then disappearing into the fog.



Following kayaking, breakfast, and catching up on the news with a variety of iPads and iPhones, we headed out for a hike to Adams Falls in the park (free entry with the lifetime pass--saved $15!).  The trail led past a beautiful mountain stream with plenty of photo ops:




The stream led to a peaceful meadow and pond with a beautiful mountain background.



After lunch at the Grand Lake Lodge we headed back for a little R&R at our rental house on Shadow Mountain Lake.  Then off for cocktails at The Rapids Restaurant and then to see the early evening elk rutting in the park!

Tom and Bobby Lanier rock hopping behind The Rapids, well not really hopping.


Group photo at The Rapids

group shot

After a few snacks and drinks we were off for elk hunting.  After walking around for awhile, we saw several females approach nearby with a somewhat small male sniffing around.  Soon the alpha male appeared on the scene and took charge, with the younger male slinking off into the woods.  We saw no real action, but the animals were fun to watch.

The females minding their own business. . . . .


The smaller male appears on the scene. . . .

Only to be run off by this guy.

Another shot of the big boy.

We returned “home” and enjoyed a Big Chill annual feast—salmon and steak grilled by Chef Michael Dickens accompanied by baked potatoes, salad, and multiple bottles of red wine.

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