During September and October Susan and I embarked on a tour of several midwestern and western states, driving in our 2000 Toyota Siena van(215,000 miles before our trip)a total of 7,279 miles through 13 states. We were gone 33 days and spent the night in 21 different places. When we got home it dawned on us that we had been together virtually 24/7 for the entire trip with no major disagreements and without growing tired of each other. I think our marriage of 41 years will last.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday September 24: Grand Lake CO

First thing Saturday morning we took a pontoon boat ride on Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake with a great brunch served onboard.  There’s an interesting bridge over the channel connecting the two lakes.


Later several of us were inspired to take one more hike, this time on the Colorado River Trail in the park (once more saved $15).  The stream wasn’t actually the Colorado River, but it eventually fed into the river, as do a lot of streams in that part of the country.  The hike was primarily through the forest on level ground and was a “pleasant stroll” for all.

The trail followed this stream part of the way.

Near the end of the hike we had to test the waters.  Quite cold.

Saturday afternoon also called for a little football on the tube and just relaxing.  The last dinner of the weekend was held at O’s a Bistro in downtown Grand Lake, where they had a real affinity for apostrophes on their menu.

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